A Thousand Deaths


I've died a Thousand Deaths,

worrying about nothing.

Desiring to change the world,

or just to change something.

Crying tears for people,

that I don't even know.

grabbing at their coat-tails,

begging them not to go.

I'm afraid to be alone,

even though it's what i've always been.

Wishing someone would

open their hearts and let me in.

But alas they don't,

and I'm left all alone.

wishing that I had a place

that I could call my own.

I've died a Thousand Deaths,

filled with happiness flooding my eyes.

only to realize,

that all of my stupid joy was a bunch of lies.

And yet I do not care,

no matter how much it may hurt

Despite the fact they broke my spirit

and treated me like dirt.

I've died a Thousand deaths,

but I wouldn't take a single one back,

for I cannot blame these people

for all the things I lack.

Oh how I wish that I could say,

I am just the victim here,

But we both know

that isn't true my solemn-faced dear.

I've died a Thousand Deaths,

feeling strong and better than the bests.

But I will never rise again,

For its my time to rest.

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*curtsies* Why thank you

*curtsies* Why thank you