Dear Drunk Driver

D. E. A. F.

Dear Drunk Driver,

  You may not know my name,

  You may not know my face.

  But your car will soon strike my body,

  And it shall take me from this place.

My blood will cloud your windshield,

My bones will crack like glass.

Of all the faces my eyes have seen,

Yours may just be the last.

  I'm not sure if I will live,

  I've never had that much luck.

  Remember me the next time you drive,

  I can only hope my message stuck.

My family they will miss me,

I never even said goodbye.

And because you decided you can drive,

They may just watch me die.

  I know you think it wasn't much,

  you had to drink that night.

  If you are so sure of that,

  Why was my body clouded from your sight.

I do not want to die, Drunk driver.

I think i am too young.

How can you end my life so quickly,

when its only just begun.

  So before you say it is safe,

  That you didn't have alot to drink.

  Remember my broken and battered body,

  I hope it makes you think.


A dead body.

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