Nothing's Left

It came like an uninvited stranger in the night,

Causing chaos, what a sight!

I could see the dancing flames moving through the trees.

I could feel the radient heat upon my face.

I could smell the stench of the smoke that clinged to my hands and clothes.

I could taste the fumes and the cinders of the burning trees, like acid in my mouth, suffocating, intoxicating.

I could hear the silent cries of the trees as they burned.

Now there is nothing left just blackened hills and remains of fallen trees.

Where there was life now there is nothing.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

well done a great love and lovely poem for peace..this is a very good poem and like it much...your poetry is rich and inspiring too..hope you add more poems to enjoy... and wish if you go through my poems too... I am basically a peace dreamer and peacew wisher poet with 6 books and believe in love for all and peaceful world... let me share with you one of my owns says regarding peaceful life...(( a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with...afzal shauq )) hope we save the ailing world with our love poems... for ensuring the peace

Alison Beighton's picture

very nice