There is this lifestyle called fruitarianism, and it is known, by account of its practitioners, to significantly enhance the spiritual sense of awareness. I came upon such inviting influences during my highschool years and have been striving to the ideal of eating a diet of only fruit ever since. It is a strict and difficult commitment, but I have gathered extensive grace and divine intervention even with some disciplinary flaws. It truly seems to be The Miracle Diet, so to speak, that aligns us with God's original earthbound purpose (remember Eden), perhaps also to unveil the heavens by means of the proper nourishment. This is my testimony with the matter to date.


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A wonderful post. Steve Jobs said he was a fruitarian when he named his company Apple.


I bow to the mysticism inside of you.


I consider any fruit or nut tree, berry bush, or food bearing vine which

drops gifts into our lap without killing the plant to be fruitarian.


I am a vegan who is fruitarian perhaps 80% of the time.. This is an article I wrote about it






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Fellow Fruit Fiend <3

I was refreshed when I discovered you on this site, because your influence is bright.

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Bacon: The gateway meat to bring a vegan into the meat world.

No divine intervention needed to adhere to my carnivore diet.

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As someone who sometimes

As someone who sometimes finds a vegan diet challenging, I truly admire your commitment to this clean and compassionate lifestyle. Seeking Divine intervention is a great idea! I'll try it. Peace and blessings on your path.