Hop Hop

No Eyelids


A frog hopscotches through its splashing ether

with a royal red cape and a jeweled silver stave.

Its tongue uncurls and accelerates and spirals

and wraps so snug around a sparkling little fairy

to then pull her into its puffed, swamp cheeks.

The bones in fairy's dainty arms snap like twigs.

The crystalline reverberations of her wand dulls.

Her dead grasp, with flesh turning black, goes limp.

Spasmodic light, as if to ignite that newly cave,

beams frantically through and through that grave.

The frog then pounces and jumps on haunches,

having caught a magical feast, back to the pond.

Chomping in slow, sinister intervals, swallowing,

the frog then licks its bulging eyeballs and blinks.


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Wow, that was eerie.

Wow, that was eerie.


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