flying feathers


we sail the great gold sunny skies

our fleet of flying ships stream through clouds

and makes emotion dissipate away


we shout messages to the birds

who scatter in a spasm of incredible flight

as they dive to the deep for salmon,


bringing it aboard as offering to feast.

what is ever better than the sparkling sheen

of eternal feathers in a flock of service


we whirl into interdimensional starry portals

which bring us to the candelit hallway of gods,

relaxing in thrones, enchanting brilliant verse 


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This is another one of your

This is another one of your choreography poems, and I am just astounded by the way you set so much into motion in such a few words.  This poem reminds me---and I mean this as the highest of compliments---of Wallace Stevens; great poem, "Chaos In Motion And Not In Motion" (which I heartily recommend to you).  I am convinced that you are one of the most talented Poets on postpoems, and I applaud your accomplishment.


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You are not only a great poet

You are not only a great poet and poetry critic, but a lovely friend too. You give so much energy to share your fine thoughts with fellow poets; and you should know how bright you make people feel, thus I am eternally grateful for your existence here. Thank you Starward

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Coming from a Poet of your

Coming from a Poet of your stature, that is quite a compliment, and I thank you!!!


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