raging rivers


The angels are often too powerful

and act accordingly.

Life dwells in eternity.

Sorrow enchants, enhances

within itself.

Symbiotic stimulation

simulating surrealism

of raging rivers.

And calling creatures 

initiate intoxication

of a unanimous existence.

The sensation of yoga prevails.

Sunshine strives to know us,

perpetually piercing our skin.

Awe works though simplicity.

The smoldering herb

and drinking root

have nourished me.

A devotion to romance.

Symbols dwindle the absolute self;

yet is is fair to be transcendent, 

capturing almighty connection?

Nature is the true ruler,

happily harmonizing.

Qualms are so easily relinquished.

Practice makes perfect.

We must faithfully thrive.

I'm going for a run.


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That phrase, "Life dwells in

That phrase, "Life dwells in eternity" has a cosmological resonance to it that many, including myself, only casually notice.  This little time we have here occurs between two great Eternities which are, for us, past and future.  We are flickers of light; or flashes in the pan; or, for some of us, cabbage farts blown on a breeze after dinner.  But the life principle dwells in eternity, and, to our perspective, between the two eternities.

J9thxciv, fka Starward

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I should change line. My

I should change line. My intent is to try to poclaim life being eternity, and that they are the same. What has happened and what might come aren't important, and to just notice life seems as if to perpetuate itself eternally. Death perhaps brining new experience within such an inifinite scheme. But it was a thought of pure presence, and connection to the cosmos.