No Eyelids


Well, easy awake for another day

in destiny the only paradise,

so far as we may percieve the graceful

inheritance, lingering womb of life.

Waterfalls of memory spill in pools

and dreamy streams, water purely gleaming

in the white sunlight and the heaven's rule,

casting ever lovely phantoms peering

from ancient black trees as they whisper worlds.

Conceive of nature's infinite wonder.

And in the sky breath the shed red leaves twirl

like pretty dancing girls. Oh as we learn

divine manifestation of nature,

we discern, clear as a rainbow, pure love,

a providance in the draught and the blur

of deprivation; and the swaying grove

of mangos is a means for the subtle

sensitivities to be enjoyed. A good gift.

Absolute bliss in emerald meadows

plus pathways of pebbles, as you walk, sift.


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I applaud the strong

I applaud the strong conclusive force of that final line!


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Exquisitely evocative  It

Exquisitely evocative  It really resonates.  I am sending you a PM, too.


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