Candle Smoke

No Eyelids


A vivid rainbow through the sparse pine leaves

in the black starless sky, in the bright moonlight;

foggy waves of ether curling like candle smoke

caress the child into infinite reveries of soft love.


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Yoga Articles

Modernmovement is back. 



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Love the connextion of words

Love the connextion of words you just made. But what do you mean?

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Yoga articles

Modernmovement is back



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This describes an experience

This describes an experience that, I suspect, many have had and few express.  I do not exactly understand why it often arises during one's early years, but I certainly remember several incidents (although the nights were not starless---but that is just a personal detail), although I did not then have sufficient words to describe them.  Thank you for reminding me of those memories, and that they are, now, even the more precious.


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