Once Desired


The youthful active ambition

Giving sprees to passionate being

Struck with wonder and means

Means of the mind to drive dreams

Vows, devotion, reason to breathe

Now stuck placated in odd order

Martyr of time the past self does lie

Worshipping what's never been

But potential to surmise the way

Reveries winding the world in dread

Hoping to find the desire to be

But bleeding the necessity the woe

Of nourishing simplicity and an end

God gives a place for balance

Equilibrium all that is ever needed

Once happening to hearken thee

Once happy to humiliate for thee

Now dreary in ages of maleficently

Feeding conscious dispassionately


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allets's picture

"potential to surmise"

We collectively have this ability. Well said. ~S~