And the Tides Change...the Waves Crash Down

Here Comes Hope

...Retribution and revenge rise above the rapacious rain as our deepest dreams devastatingly drown

Wave “farewell” to our fortunate fate while the wicked waves wave back and cause chaos by continuously crashing down…

No one ever promised us perpetual peace, tranquility, and bliss

But it’s unquestionably a proposal that doves and darkhorses alike would agree upon

Catastrophe quickly clutters on the crowded crossroads as cumulus clouds cause confusion by hailing a bomb straight on society in the form of blowing a deceitful kiss

Hostile hawks of hatred hastily hover overhead as their strident screeches stealthily silence each and every swan

The toxic tides of turmoil and tragedy are coming closer to our shores with each blinking eye

Satan’s sinning tsunami of suicide is in clear sight

Waterfalls of tainted tears pollute the wicked water below as I hold you close and whisper in your ear, “Sweetie, please don’t cry

As long as we hold our breaths and reach for the sun with all our might…everything will somehow end up alright

And our sins will be washed away with the waves at the next high tide

Salvation will spontaneously showcase a sign of pseudo safety as we stampede on the bloodstained sand

The ocean of oil is my malevolent muse and the grotesque government will be my deceiving guide on this unstable roller coaster ride

Conquer and kill with each corrupted command as hand grenade hearts extemporaneously explode in our very own hands

…Retaliation and vengeance force-feed their futile feelings on the fields of fractured dreams as they undeservingly claim the king’s country and crown

Say “so long” to salvation as we sorrowfully surrender to the wretched waves as they convulsively crash down…

Nobody ever told us that the war would last this long

A cease fire or a waved white flag or even a permanent “time out” would be kind of nice

Delicate doves start to freefall from the sky as they silently sing their unappreciated passive and serene songs

Their dying and decaying corpses convert into makeshift bombs that implode with a powerful and painful price

The miserable and malevolent monsoon is merely miles away and there’s nowhere left to hide

Gray skies suffocate our safety and there are no signs of solace or shelter in sight

Aware that this may very well be our awful omega…I frantically search for the sleeping sun with you shaking and trembling by my unstable side

As the mouth of monsoon makes us its newest innocent victims and swallows us alive, I close my eyes with your image still clearly in my mind and quietly whisper “goodnight”

And our battle scars will be healed when the sun peeks over the horizon of hope again tomorrow

Redemption with ravenously resurrect a reflection of counterfeit recovery while we parade on the mine infested land

The silent sound of surrender is sung at the top of my collapsed lungs and my contaminated choir assists to this satanic song of sin and sorrow

Betray to the beating of the belligerent drums in the brainwashed band as we all forever persist to march down this never-ending trail of torture and tragedy with gun in hand

…And our mechanized minds will be erased and rewired and reset as we unconsciously salivate to the sadistic sound of a betraying bell

Ceaselessly shackled in a corroded captivation cyanide cell while hypnotized under Satan’s suicidal spell in the hottest layer of Hell…certain that to forever I’ll soon wave “farewell”…for my tragic tale of treachery I’ll never have the cherished chance to truthfully tell…

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