Her voice, sweeter than that of the innocent angel Israfel

Her heartstrings are a lovely, loquacious lute so luscious and long

The wicked words spilling from her lethal lips have placed me in a perpetual spell

My heartstrings come undone to the suicidal sound of her serpentine song

She is composed of Cleopatra’s cold crystalline grandeur and Helen’s hyacinth hair

The weight of the wretched world rests on her sore shoulders, yet still flies high on wings of wax and brittle bone

Every ounce of oxygen she exhales from her polluted lungs intoxicates the once antiseptic air

Each breath she blows breeds a brutal breeze that knocks me lower on the tainted totem pole and off of my once exalted throne

The devils on Earth disapproved our decaying dreams from the second we closed our arid eyes

And they extinguished the frigid flame of our feeble future with a bitter strife

The angels above envied our lackluster, loathsome love in a disgusting diabolical disguise

And eliminated my poisonous precious angel forever from my lackadaisical life

And this is horribly how it has to unfortunately be

Serrated green leaves forever freefalling from our lost love’s thriving tree

A once utopian love so beautiful and blissful and free

That even envious angels executed my Adelaide…an analogous mirror image of Annabel Lee

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