The 51st State

A Scar is Born

...The president and politicians piss on the paupers and recite their satanic speeches with a still tongue while feeding their prisoners of war on a poisoned plate,

The swarming stars shall move aside and make room for one more scar because the ravenous republicans and avaricious Americans are always attempting to add to their plundered property another state...

Take an epigrammatic moment to intimately study the horrifying history of our nation's frightening flag,

Oh the countless corruption and controversy it continues to create.

The red, white, and blue splendidly showcased in all of her glory persists to egotistically exclaim and boisterously brag,

How exactly those fifty sinister stars ended up being stitched onto the feculent fabric to represent our contaminated country's every state.

It all started when greedy, ignorant explorers from Europe came and saw and conquered already inhabited land,

Forcing the Native Americans to relocate and reside out west or to be annihilated right then and there in their own tracks.

Quickly capturing thirteen territories and giving them boarders in order to label this terra firma as our own soil and sand,

Signing the scribbled signatures with red ink on the dotted line while from fellow leaders, the president gets a plethora of pats on the back.

We rapidly expanded our terrain and stole Texas along with the rest of the South from Mexico and Spain,

We ripped off Russia when we acquired Alaska for merely pocket change and a handshake.

As the wicked warriors of Washington D.C. plant gray clouds over innocent enemies and flip the sadistic switch to unleash enormous amounts of acid rain,

The United States obtains yet more territory while in exchange once cherished bonds with former allies begin to dejectedly break.

And now our diminutive rag is running out of room,

Where could we possibly stuff and squeeze in another stripe or star?

Sinning under the sun and murdering under the moon,

Giving birth on the tattered towel to an additional everlasting scar.

...Who will be the next vindicated victim: Puerto Rico, Iraq, or perhaps Afghanistan? The king is capable of being captured by a puny pawn and is in clear sight while the Commander-in-Chief belligerently shouts "checkmate",

Blood will no longer be red, skies will forfeit their cotton cumulus clouds of white, and the oceans will surrender their wretched water of blue, for the world is America's 51st state...

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Halee Brown's picture

i REALLY like this. I can't exactly tell why.
but I'm drawn in by the slant rhyme [accented with awesome alliteration!] some really kick-ass word choices, the look on all of it. and the "checkmate" is like, my favorite part. like, omg, i love you.