America Anew

A Scar is Born

Flying high betwixt the meringue clouds, I sail like a saint weightlessly above the worlds' seven mystifying wonders,

My makeshift wings of wax will not fail me now and melt as I attempt to touch and refurbish the sun while terminating the toxic turmoil and thunder.

As the opaque ocean of oil rapidly rushes, the war-plagued waters are serpentine around my Achilles' ankles and the salt air serenely heals my sinister scars…relaxing my once caged and shattered soul,

A tear of joy manages to escape and spill from my eye and intermix with the black blood below, for in the first time in forever, I finally feel satisfied and whole.

The sweetest poisoned peach melts in my mouth as it engages in a liberated dance of freedom with my tongue,

The world can now enjoy the finer fruits and delicacies that life has to offer, for the pristine sounds of salvation have been splendidly sung.

A blissful spring breeze caresses my ivory cheek only to brush wisps of hair from my face and further allow me to enjoy this resplendent panoramic view,

It seems as if sooner than the subsequent sunset, the anticipated time, in due course, will come to erase the boundaries, break down all the boarders, and ecstatically start anew.

...And yet, if I was able to somehow combine all these insane sentiments and drastic delusions into one daring design so surreal yet so sublime

They would never be even one/tenth as tantamount to the infinite feelings that always aglow and arise

When our heroic hands and lethal lips lusciously intertwine as you press your fearless forehead closer to mine

And I graciously gaze into your emancipated ocean eyes...

written by Donnie Darkhorse and Jen Johnson  

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