Making the Clocks Move

She is only sixteen, and I am only three years older,

We are so young, yet I somehow know that she will always be my delicate heart's cautious holder.

We already pick out furniture and decorations for the house we won't live in until we are both well into our professional careers,

We already have our three children's names picked out even though they won't be conceived for another ten years.

She hates the wilderness and I'm terrified of airplanes, but that won't stop us from one day going to Alaska, Finland, and Rome,

We still live with our parents, but we often talk about what town, state, or country we would like to someday call home.

All of our friends (probably out of jealously) say that her and I are too different to ever have a successful relationship that would last,

But we know that anything is possible for us in the future, because we strive towards tomorrow while burying the past.

...If I had it my way, I would stitch us together so we could never break apart,

The seconds tick away our time as rapidly as my fragile palpitating heart.

Not a minute goes by where I fail to wish you were by my side,

For now, on this dark path be my guide, and when the appropriate time comes, I will kneel down on one knee and romantically ask you to be my bride...

I am only nineteen, and she is only three years more young,

We seem like we have known each other forever, but our lives together have barely even begun.

She wishes to live in a mansion and I'm content with an apartment, but we can agree that in our home there will be absolutely no clocks,

She's a Barbie Doll and I'm a Raggedy Ann, but that won't stop us from playing together in the same toy box.

She wants an expensive sports car, but she is satisfied with driving shotgun in my little Ford,

I listen to rock and she listens to rap, but the music we create together is beautiful enough to win us an award.

The entire world claims that I am a shade of black and she is a shade of white, but if that's the case, then I think together we make a splendid shade of gray,

Because deep down inside we know without a doubt that we will give birth to tomorrow while waving "farewell" to yesterday.

...If it was up to me, I would handcuff your hand to mine so we would never drift apart,

I'm still amazed at how quickly and easily you mended and repaired my once broken heart.

Not a second expires where I forget to cherish this reality, which seems like a dream,

For now, help me act out this blissful scene on the silver screen, and in the near future, I will rightfully place a golden crown on the head of my queen...

...No matter how much time we have together, I will still pray for an extra day or two,

As each tick tock tragically ticks our lives away, I will the spend the rest of my time on this planet, with all my heart, loving you...

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