Family Tree

Here Comes Hope

The family trees' roots over the years have grown very far apart

Each trail...a different tale of a shattered life and a broken heart

...My grandmother rests upon the canopy

Staring into the mysterious night sky

Barely able to walk, communicate, breathe, and see

Hopelessly just waiting to die

Auntie Carol lying on her deathbed

Just about to pull the cord

No hope left for her, she'd be better off dead

Her only savior is the Lord

My mom and dad

Once so happily married, now separated by tears and divorce

The family portrait on the wall is really sad

The only feelings they now have are regret and remorse

My cousin Lori Ann has been dead for about a year

How quick the days have passed by

Her daughter Brittany, full of fear

Can only question God and wonder "why"

My Auntie Kathy smokes three packs a day

And drinks till the sun rises again

I still don't know why she wishes to live this way

Her next drink, smoke, or breath could be for her the very end

My Uncle Craig, a veteran of the Vietnam War

Deep down inside the cries can be heard in every word he said

My cousin Robert just couldn't take this struggle of life anymore

On a rainy Autumn night he put a pistol to the side of his head

My Aunt Mildred, the doctor's couldn't save

Deprived of smiles and sunshine, we now look up to a black and gray sky

Read the message on her grave

"She was only born to weep and die"

My cousin Peter just wanted one more cigarette before he went to sleep

But what happened that night was such a shame

The house set ablaze, his ashes left scattered on the floor will forever remain asleep

But his soul will rise above the flame

For my mother, everything that can go wrong has

But to every question she has had an answer

The true hero she is often known as

She won the battle she had fought with her breast cancer

My father has always been there to lend a helping hand

Has never failed to be by my side in times of need

Time stands still as we look out at the horizon and leave our footprints in the sand

Wishing that my cherished moments with him could always travel at this frozen speed

My brother has led a very interesting life

Proudly serving his country, in his front yard the American flag gently blows in the Autumn breeze

Happily married with his loving wife

Let us hope that he will never be shipped off to fight overseas

My nephew Dylan, born on the twelfth of January, 2002

The sky is the limit for him

I often look into his eyes and say, "Anything in the future is possible for you

Even though for now your light bulb remains dim"

Then there's me...the darkhorse

This underdog manages to overcome and win every single time

My soul...the ultimate source

Thinking of my next poem, my next next rhyme

I have beaten the odds and was a gift from God above

Never should have seen the past or today

All I could give to my family and the world is my everlasting love

To carry on my family's name, I follow my heart and dreams every single day...

The family trees' roots slowly intertwine and come back together

With the past buried and the future full of potential, let's hope that the family trees' roots grow forever

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