Looking Back on Tomorrow

Here Comes Hope

Shut the door, open the blind

Welcome the morning sun, leave the unwanted past behind

I'm alive in this waking hour while the rest of the world is sleeping and wasting their lives away

Place all of the past in a dusty shoebox and set it ablaze until the memories unleash the satanic scream of surrender and the ashes turn gray

What I've learned in my short life is that it's never too late

To take a tarnished life and elevate it to a golden state

We all make mistakes in our time, but only the strong of heart, from them will learn

Everyone has their time to shine; I think I've waited long enough for my turn

An underdog all my life, no one ever expected me to finish any better than dead last

But as a true darkhorse reveals, quitting is never an option and I refuse to be suffocated by the past

My entire life has been no more than another day, another shade of gray

Where the failed past would erase my dreams and make my depression permanently stay

My friends would all run away, the rain would always lead me astray

So I pondered to myself, "That was yesterday, but today is a brand new day"

Open the door, shut the blind

Barricade every trap door and failed path; walk the one true hallway to success in your mind

I'm alive in this dying hour while the rest of civilization is waving the white flag it seems

Don't drag me down with your lack of courage and determination, because I refuse to give up on my dreams

One thing I've discovered in my brief time is that it's never a second too late

To step on your brakes and take a path different from the one designed by your fate

We all have regrets in our lives, but only the wise will use them to grow

I'm ready for what the world offers and I'm taking with me everything that I know

Bliss is a beautiful thing, but nothing will forever last

So I can live for today, reach for tomorrow, and forever bury the past

All my life, my eyes have only been exposed to the infinite splendid shades of gray

Where my tears would fall to the frigid floor and my mind would slowly decay

But that was the past, I will start anew today

I'm looking back on tomorrow, and never again looking forward to yesterday

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