"Flight Attendant"

by Jeph Johnson


My swan song stewardess has me buckle my belt

A leather strap upon her fanny that might have left a welt 

It's uncanny how majestically our souls can outperform

Distracting me to clarity with deviations from the norm


But everything's non-normative in this finite space

A checkered flag is up ahead that signifies the race

Will soon be done regardless where in the pack I place

For now momentum moves me at a merely mortal pace


My altitude is cruising but turbulence is nigh 

Just as the end has always been when drifting through the sky

But instead flies up ahead objects identified

As other worldly, alien and likely misapplied


When in truth they're used to soothe and render obsolete

The mysteries our mind's could see but never quite complete

Something every one of us is predestined toward

Some call it death, but I call it the end of life reward


After that, my after life, is actually all yours

The few of you I've hated the rest I have adored

My mythos is misunderstood and not for me to choose 

A legacy that's fully me yet walking in your shoes 


I beat every one of you reading this aloud

To the checkered flag before I vanished in the clouds

Yeah every one of us must also cross the finish line

I'm so happy doing it with someone so divine

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allets's picture

I have soared on angel's wings."


Fab motif, thank you for not putting an "s" on "toward" accurately! Getting lost in the clouds - a farewell, but not alone. A death mantra. ~S~