"A Night With a Noddy Girl"

DaddyO's BDSM
by DaddyO

After a night out on the town, people all around were complimenting us on your elegance. 

We returned home and you straightened up the room while I showered. 

I had you remove the red dress I approved and picked out for you when earlier in the day you sent a mirror selfie.   

I had set aside this night to decide our lips would first meet.  

They indeed met while you dried me off, getting wet. 

With force they smeared a wierd crimson that was supposed to stay in place. 

You nodded like noddy girls always do, your eyes down. 

I required you to look up into mine. 


My cock engorged and hard, I grabbed your hair and flipped you bare upon the bed you had made.  

You gave to me such chemistry and turned my question marks into apostrophes and exclamation points. 

When I was done filling you with fun with some thing you had never had inside, I turned onto my belly and relaxed.  

I knew you were taxed, but with my face in the pillow I asked:  "scratch my back the way you know I like it."

With my head turned away, your nails caressing my flesh, in tandem with my goosebumps, I literally could hear you smile. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

2019, for Bax

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Just a bit too much detail on

Just a bit too much detail on the intimacy, but the final phrase, about hearing her smile, is so impressive and so apt a conclusion that I can hardly fine sufficient words to describe it.


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