How devious

the way your mind works

What wicked things it creates

why must you still torment me?

Even though you told me

that we were through!

Why couldn’t

have you just left, never

never to return again

Why won’t you let me

forget you? It is time,

we must move on.

This feeling is not new

I’ve lived through it

once before. My decisions

still haunt me.

How could I? Any life might

have I had changed.

My heart once

yearned for you.

My head should

have learned from you.

The battle between, rages

on inside my wearied mind.

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Wally Smith's picture

Made me think of Venus in Furs: "I am tired, I am weary, I could sleep for a thousand years".

lonelymemories's picture

This is a good poem.. I can relate alot... Dont worry, just keep goiog one step at atime, tings will get better..

angeljerlin's picture

you'll be'll see. =) nice poem.