Attack of the Nerds

Maybe we'll beat you with our flutes, cut you with our braces, or hold our glasses up to the sun and burn you. We've been seething for years, but you'll not get off so easily, and who wouldn't expect wallflowers to be off the wall? We've been working on secret weapons in our lab: Our dew will dissolve you, and we can shoot pollen and put out your eyes. Oh, stupid boy, all we wanted was a prom date, and though you're dumb and boring, your rear end is a work of art. We're going to clone you, but the original will be a sex slave for our exhalted leader. You'll curse the day you called her a hideous nerd, for brain beats brawn, and you aren't very brawny anyway.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

funny as hell I love it!!!!!!!!!!