The air is cold neath the night
A full moon is shrouded by the coming clouds
An eerie feeling sends shivers down the spine
Look about, witness strangers by our side


Beg to differ, this be not the world we pray fall into
Want more, we want it all; the fame, the love, the glory
What to do, where shall we find it
Close to tears, yet not far from laughter


Drown in anguish, dream of success
That’s the spell we're put under, when we're idle and undressed
Claw from the pit, nothing is easy, and nothing is set
There’s a life out there that is only ours to get


Our steps leave fresh prints throughout the ground
Our voice speaks of tales, and gives a hint of where we're bound
Dusk to dawn, we choose a way to call our own
Whether happy or sad, we'll arrive at a place we've always known

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Nightmares and Daydreams

Nicely written cruX. I guess we daydream about TOMORROW which turns out to be a NIGHTMARE .The moon looks nice to lovers who are together but awful to the separated ones. Life,craving is endless. Who can comment ?? someone who was in your shoes when u wrote this. You write well. My comments are always gibberish like my writings. Happy writing.