It goes from the radiance of the sun into the darkest hour
Mortified of my presence lingering through these hollow spaces
I'm a snowflake on your cheek, the burning flame within those eyes
Born walking upon thin ice, always hoping for a fall into frigid water
But there’s still a pulse within this petrified heart and I need to survive
What time in life will let us be, maybe one day it will let us see?
Certainly lunacy has a hold on me; if it were so, rather than her, I'd take that fall
You don’t deserve pain, let me clear your tears, embrace your fears
freely stay the enemy when i know its time to go or maybe perpetually stay true for only you
You hear my plea and try to forget me; in agony I'd tempt to regret the name only in vain
Oh love, you cruel demon, take what you want but set us free, sadly that cannot be
Plunge in the depths of a bottomless abyss, motionlessly utter darkness bids my course awry
Look at me my sun, stare at yet another victim who imprudently aspires to alter tragedy into light
Who does she meet the sunrise with, who other than her to share an endless summer haze with
We’re falling in this wonderland, one wish at a time we breathe our candles out
One dream, one life, to be near your warmth, your hypnotic once a lifetime eyes
Foolishly wait for you, as the winter snow silently comes falling over us  

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