The One I Serve


I know that I have written
A similar one before
But he is no longer in the picture
And it was ten years ago that
I left him way behind

But with you, I never
See myself leaving you
Not unless you tell me to leave
And I will be forced to comply
Because you are the one I serve

So please tell me that you
Will be my master for forever
And a day because one minute
Away from you is more than
A second than I can bear

I love the fact that you do
Not make it obvious
It’s not really a life style for us
It’s just the way we are
And I hope it stays that way

Because you mean everything to me
And I am hoping that I
Mean the same to you
Because I will always feel like this
And you I will always serve

Written on
December 19, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to Tom Nevelle. This is how I feel about him. He means everything to me, more than life itself. I can feel him, even now, next to me. Even though, in truth, he is at his place doing his thing and I am at mine. We have a connection that is undenable. That is why I couldn't break up with him, when he found 'His Toy'. She is know gone and away from him, and that makes me happy. I think that the whole point of doing that was to prove, he is "The One I Serve'.

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