You Asked Me


Now I was asked to write a poem
That is one about me
Very simply about who I am
The things I like to do
But I told her that I don’t
Rightly believe I can
Who am I?
That is a deep question
Which I will shallowly answer
I first and foremost,
Enjoy writing poetry
Just like this one
And I have never given
A second poem the same
Title as a fist poem
They are all different
Just like people
Other than that, I like music
Mostly rock and country
But I will listen to the others
If they have good beat and rhythm
And I can understand them
I have always been one to say
Fuck everyone else’s opinions
What they think doesn’t really
Bother me too much
But I always have been one
Who loves way too much
That is why most of my
Poetry tends to be about that
I have never been one to
Make friends with females
But you have done it
You have a friend in me
And that is all I can say
Perhaps later I will think
Of something else
And quite possibly,
I will write a poem about it
But until then, I bid you adieu

Written on
October 20, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a poem written to Vixen. She had said that I should write more about myself. Well this one is a response to that. See my poems are never about me, not entirely. That would cause me to have a bloated head. :P Just like this one, I have to have a reason to write. This one was about who I am, in a nutshell.

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Vixen's picture

Such Sweet and Lovely poem!

Thank you Chrystal for taking my point seriously, and I am sincerely touched...

From your previous poems, I saw a giving kind of person, with a big heart, and a heart that's so overflowing with love to share that you can't contain that love, -- to the point of rubbing it to the ones who read your poems, just as it has quite rubbed on me. I love deeply and quite expressive with my thoughts myself, but I can never capture the unconditional note you added to your love poems. I mean that the positive way. While reading your renditions to Tom, I silently wished that he wrote you something too that you can read and know that he wrote it from his heart too...

Then it struck me, that Crimson Angel should also write something for herself. A sweet poem of love for herself with the same note of unconditional, and overflowing love to herself... Chrystal, thank you for sharing a bit of yourself... I can see you are aware of your unique qualities, and i was not surprised by the mention of you loving deeply ( smiles ). This unpretentious poem will be your first poem for you. Make a folder for all the poems for you dear. I have my folder "From me: To me" in my files. I've written 3 poems for me during the times I was so down ( Shards ), when I was uninspired and in a mediocre state without a muse, lol ( Tower of Babel ) and when I was hesitating yet considering to open to love again ( Blooms ). You can check it and see what I mean dear...

As for this poem, there is a hesitance to describe you completely, but your unselfish and loving nature shines though... Just beautiful!


“ Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."
                                                   ~ Rumi

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You know I didn't really have

You know I didn't really have intention to write it until it came to me. I should first thank you for giving me the idea, then say your welcome for me doing that.

I don't keep any folders besides the ones I have noting the year that they were written. However, I will know, and you will know and anyone else that reads this will also know. :)

Thank you for the idea, Shye.

Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before. - Steven Wright

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