The Trip


The Trip

I meet you eight years ago
When I was still wild and free
Yet you still loved me then
Even though I couldn’t see

I couldn’t see your love
Because you didn’t want me to know
But it was still right there
Even though you wouldn’t let it show

And now when my oats were sown,
By an accident that nearly took my life
That one sowed them all
As I came to and realized how much strife

That I had caused in so many peoples lives
I looked and found you
One to which I hadn’t done to much harm
And I found that you still loved me true

Now we are planning a trip
One that you would make
One that I hope goes well
For both our sakes

This has become something
That I am looking forward to
And am taking part in planning
Through this trip, I will prove my love is true

Even though you already know it
I wish to make an emphasis on that
The fact is it’s so damned true
And I wish to emphasize that

Written on
June 22, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was writen about Scott Wolf. I have known him for like 8 years, and recently admitted to him that before the accident, I would not have been interested in him. However, this is a new day, and my head has been cleared with the accident and all. So now I am looking forward to this trip and seeing him.