Why is it that I feel
As if I’ve got the Devil right
Here whispering in my ear
And I’ve got an Angel that
Sits here on my heart
That has always been
My big problem
But somehow I’ve always
Got past it, somehow I feel so torn I do not know
What I should do or feel
Because I have got two guys
That are vying for me
One guy that I have years
Of friendship with him
And the other one I met
About three months ago
Now seeing as how I
Can’t talk to Bri right now
Because he lives in New York and
Because of his financial issues
And I know that and I have
Accepted that because it will
Be another month or more
Before we get to talk again
Yet there is another guy
And it’s sad to say I like him too
We don’t have the time together
Like Bri and I do but yet
I am feeling more than friendship
With him too, guidance please god!

Written on
April 21, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is another one I wrote about Brian. I just wish i could get the other guy out of my head.

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