I hope beyond hope and I pray

With all a non-believer can

That one day, somehow

Some man will take my hand


I don’t really care who he is

I just know that somewhere inside

I really wanted to have a ring

And someone whom I could confide


Was all this wishing

Somehow in vain?

Or do I still have a hope,

My demons will be slain


I believe with everything in me that

I truly could have a man

Who would even want to be mine?

Or do I have to have a re-plan?


I think that is the case at least this

Time. Could this be a weakness?

Because who am I to think

That I could live with happiness


Maybe I am doomed to die

All by my god damned self?

Or can I depend on you

And have you do it all by yourself


But I am just wishing and hoping

Towards a man I have yet to meet

But everything in me, wants this but I

Really don’t want to be alone in the street



Written on

January 31, 2011 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about my desire to be married. It was written to no one in particular, just for the fact that I want to be married.

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