The storm of fire is brought to a cool touch with gold built in to make it through.

Gold shines through the new fire begging to get out, begging for its life.

The fire is not letting go, not letting anything breath, not letting one living soul make it out alive, nobody knows what lies inside the fire. Nobody dares to go inside, knowing they might not make it out alive to see tomorrow.

Kids play hide n  go seek  with the fire, but it finds them just to play tag.

Fire is inside me wanting to escape into the night air, to make the night light up


The fire grows inside of me, can’t hold it anymore

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all have someting in life, we need to find the fire that lights us up and brings us to what is to become.

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Set the beast free. 

Set the beast free. 

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Inspiration has many sources

like a herd of wild horses

searcing for choices.

Such beginning voices

are the best kind

of voices.


Nice writing: enjoyed - allets -




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