Sexual Healing


  (*mature content)

Passion burning inside of me, I feel that at any second it's going to burst

Passion, Love, and Lust is what quinches my body's thirst

Jodeci playing in the background

He starts Feeling On my big brown rounds

Rained downed with kisses and licks

Feeling on his swollen stick

Moan as he continues to lick

Begining to tremble and kick

Those hands of his puts me into a fit

Could never imagine a feeling like this

kiss him, kiss me back

Trailing kisses down my back

Those kisses sends shivers down my spine

Another connection like this I can never find

All night long, mind blowing experience

I love having this feeling

It's nothing more than sexual healing

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Afzal Shauq's picture

lovely ... very sweet and romantic way return...reality is basic