Sadness Story

Morning's come

With another rainy day

Haven't been having much fun

Waiting for the night to slip away

So it's a brand new day again

Get up and carry on

Every thing's the same

But somethings missing; somethings gone

I look in the mirror and I see

There's no smile on my face

I look at the Guy of my heart looking back at me

And think: who's this that's taken my place?

On the tram, in the room

Hours dragging by

But I'll be home soon

And then I fall on my bed and I cry

I lost me, I lost him and I didn't realise

To suddenly see that impostor(pastor)

Took me by surprise

And now I think I've lost him

I'm looking through old photos and things

Tears streaming down my face

And each tear really stings

Who is this person that's taken his place

When I walk around inside my head

I feel so lost, these thoughts can't be mine

It's like he is vanished, like he is dead

I think he's been that way for a long time

Then a song comes on the radio

Mad World it says over and over again

And listening to that song I know

That one thing is still the same

I still have my dream to follow

I still have hope keeping me upright

I can save myself, he didn't completely go

Now I can sleep right through the night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem was written to one asshole guy that spoiled my relationship cause he wanted me and i did not go for him

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David Richardson's picture

How very true this is. Some individuals are so self centered and egotical that they cannot stand rejection-they truly believe thw whole world should and does centers around them. It is truly sickening. Thank you for bringing your thoughts out and writing this very meaningful and poignant poem. Please take care and have a very beautiful weekend. Would love to critique more of your work. Please send me your future links and I will gladly do so. Have a very beautiful day.