Soul Mate

We met but once as though by chance,

we didn't date, or did we dance.

We looked into each other's eyes

without deception or disguise.

A silent message passed between

your hungry heart was plainly seen.

You saw desire I could not hide,

you looked at me and saw inside.

How could a glance have said so much,

and cause a chill without a touch?

What was that chemistry that night,

that promised what we felt was right?

What satisfaction we'd have missed,

If we had not reached out and kissed.

I do not know if it was you,

or was it I who said, "Let's do."

But on that night our souls were bare

as surely as our bodies there.

Our bodies moved in harmony,

I couldn't tell the you from me.

And locked in passion as we were,

my sense of time began to blur.

I must have known you from before,

how else could you have reached my core?

In life perhaps before this one

what had we shared? What had we done?

With what I felt, emotions vast,

I must have loved you in the past.

But now we go our separate ways,

to different lives throughout our days.

I keep you though within my dreams,

Eternal soul mate, so it seems.

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Miiranda31's picture

Holy Fk. I just clicked

Holy Fk.

I just clicked recommended poetry and it took me to your page, selected this poem and by god, I LOVE this.


I can relate SO much to a past encounter. And we weren't even relationship lovers, we didn't dance the dance of holding hands and being at the grocery talking about jelly or jam.

It was everything within these words. WELL written. my kinda read!

PudinsHeart1's picture

I got in to this one

This was beautiful, you got me from the beginning 


MajesticDravon's picture

Great work.

Yes, this a great write.  So much could be passed in a glance.

When my wife and I met, we were thinking of the same thoughts.

I am a respectful man.  She said she was trying to work something out.  So I wanted.  Would it all have been different if I were to jump on the impulse?

We are together now.

I feel it is true.  When someone comes into our life, touches our bare soul- we carry them until we move onto the next adventure.


I am an artist of words as well as paints.

connie's picture


Lovely comment you wrote here, what i write, its based on myself, some are fiction and some are history, some are also experiences.

Again thx for reading my poems.


stay blessed.

MajesticDravon's picture

You are welcome.

How I use to write.  My daily life, dreams, some fiction and work shop exercises.

I don't write much lately.

Many blessings in return.


I am an artist of words as well as paints.

NEFRU's picture

great work

great work

heatherburns35's picture

soul mate

a lovely poem about soul mates. makes one think a little bit. but I do believe in soul mates.
nice work.

connie's picture

thankyou for your lovely

thankyou for your lovely comment.