Your eyes consume me

Hypnotize and undress me

Pull me under

I've waited so long for this

I don't think I can handle this

For this is the first time

Your lips will meet mine

At first ever so gently

Lips so soft against me

You playfully bite me

I love how this feels

You probe your tongue deep


So deep it takes my breath away

Yet I have no use for air

As I am in the ecstasy

Of your kisses

You give me oxygen

My heart beats faster

Synchronized with your deep kisses

Kisses that free my every inhibition

Make my insides feel soft and beautiful

Burst with pleasure that only your kisses gives


Your kisses grow deeper

My lips swell to point of explosion

I've waited so long for this

I don't think I can handle this

Your tongue probes deeper


I can't stand it

Can't hold it

I'm Cumming

You brought me

How can this be?

To feel such pleasure

Without you touching me

Yet I feel you as vivid

As you are not here

I love how you feel

When you're kissing me there

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David Richardson's picture

In this very cold,high pace and pressured world we all nedd a release-a devoted lover who knows the eroneous zones to gently touch and caress to send us all into another world-a world of no pressure but just extreme relaxation and estacy. Who better to express this world than you-the sensuous poetress-to bring us there to enjoy all the joys and beautiful love within passionate lovemaking. Thank you for sharing your world with me and have a very beautiful weekend.

Dave Richardson