Close your eyes and relax your body,

Cause me and my nana is feeling kind of naughty.

As temptation takes over your mind,

our bodies will slowly intertwine.

My nana will soothe your soul,

but at the same time, make you lose all control.

Mmm.... she’s purring for you, did you hear it?

Beware `cuz she’s a feisty one, yeah full of spirit!

I want to take you to a place you’ve never been before.

You have NO idea for you what’s in store.

I guarantee when you get there, it will make you weak.

Just you wait and see...pure X-TA-C.

Follow me. Come with me. Let me take you for a ride,

to a place that’s tight, deep, and very wet inside.

I promise to leave you shivering and oh so satisfied.

Hmmm....slow strokes and soft-kissin`

It’s sooo.... good, I’m talking finger-lickin`

Earth-quakin`, heaven-shakin`, mountain-movin`, bed rockin`

Hair pullin`, back stratchin`, neck bitin`, boot knockin`

I can feel you getting deeper and deeper, touching my very core.

OOOh! Shit Baby, don’t stop! Give me more!

Yeah, that’s right! Squeeze my body tight!

Damn, I can go at this all night.

A night of passionate lovemaking,

Sounds ummm...so breathe taking.

I know you agree `cuz I can feel your body shakin`.

You’re calling out my name, letting me know it’s good to you.

I can’t front `cuz I’m screamin` your name too.

Your hands grip my ass tighter when I ride you fast then slow.

I’m taking you there, from my mountains high to my valleys low.

You can’t stand it any longer and decide to take control.

I give it to you gladly as I lie back and open wide;

you take my nipples in your mouth as you thrust back inside.

I’m gripping the sheets though my body’s getting weak.

The long strokes of your dick are so sweet I can’t even speak.

I can do nothing but groan and moan,

as I listen to Johnny Gill sang his song.

I completely understand why

the song is called; My, My, My

Oh, how I love every bit of our lovemaking,

Straight- Fucking too. Either way, there’s no mistakin`,

whenever we get together, just you and me,

It’s down-right heart-stoppin`, toe-curlin`, X-TA-C.

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Earth-quakin`, heaven-shakin`, mountain-movin`, bed rockin`

Hair pullin`, back stratchin`, neck bitin`, boot knockin`

I can feel you getting deeper and deeper, touching my very core.

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Amazing. A poem full of feelings and emotions. You make your reader feel as if it is really happening.

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Connie i just can say one thing you are a maste os erotic poems and you put is so real, believe me your poems made me wet and play

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full of sex, erotic pleasure! god only if i could write somthing like this.. its remarkable!!

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You visionary skills in this erotic poem is so so beautiful. Can actually feel the intense and beautifull lovemaking you so vividly describe. I can feel the sensuous ryhmatic motion of two hot bodies in perfectly harmony-the thrusting and unique positioning of the two bodies described to achieve ultimate orgasmic pleasure. This poem is so beautifully and visionary portrayed with so much intense feelings and emotions. Thank you Connie for sharing your erotic masterpiece with me-take care and have a very beautiful weekend.

Dave Richardson