Our bedroom behaviour could make the neighbors blush. But I found his attentiveness waning. A few hours before he returned from work, I wrapped myself in the silk sheets on our bed, writhing in the cold, soft, slippery sheets.

My nipples stood up as I brought up the memories of our first few years and the ecstasy that would unfold between my legs.

I dripped the condensation from my soda bottle over my nipples, feeling the cool drips against my hot body. I rubbed my hand down my body, feeling my way down to my yearning cunt. It called out for attention.

I began to rub in rythmic motions that came naturally. Moaning escaped from deep inside of me. I reached inside of my nightstand for the massaging vibrator that we kept for those "wild nights" and gently rubbed between my breasts and down my stomach, to my throbbing cunt.

A low moan, unfamiliar to my ears, rumbled from my pleasure. As I felt myself climaxing, I opened my eyes and saw my husband standing in the doorway.

"Starting early?" His erection poked from his trousers. He'd been watching me and pleasuring himself. He walked towards me, dropping his trousers, his massive member pointing at me. I still hadn't turned off the vibrator.

He tore the covers back, revealing my naked body, legs spread, foreign object replacing his cock. He rolled me onto my stomach and took control of the vibrator, working my cunt with it.

He kissed every inch of my body, behind my knees, each butt cheek, the small of my back until he was laying on top of me, thrusting his throbbing cock into me as he penetrated me.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This it to those who is married or with boy/girlfriend enjoy your sex life while it last and be free with your partner it works with me.

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Connie, my hands are still shaking after reading this love letter. I am I love it.....the way you describe the passion allows the reader to see each scene as it develops, imagining that it's them making love to you. I will be reading more of your work. Thanks for posting!

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Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your lovely comments I'm glad u r reading my poems it means a lot to me.