Seasons of Love


When tender leaves are budding green

     and all is new...

     remember me.

     I'll think of you with heavy heart...

     emotion, yet unseen.

     And come the summer's starry night

     when roses bloom

     and life is sweet in Nature's womb,

     I'll wish for you

     'till darkness fades to light.

     And when the green has turned to gold,

     the leaves will fall

     as tinted tears,

     my soul will call across the miles,

     its secret love, untold.

     For when the earth is cold and bare

     and all is white

     with winter's snow,

     the fire's light will blaze in eyes

     that whisper still... "I care".

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Karyn Indursky's picture

I love this poem and how you wrote it. It sings itself a sweet melody and its message blows its seeds into the reader until we're blooming with the love from you.