The Hangman's Noose

The Hangman's Noose

The morning had arrived after a sleepless night.
I had nightmares that kept me frigid with fright.

My last day on the Blue planet, you couldn't even plan-it.
I knew millions had gone before me but me in the can,that didn't mean a damn.

Then the screw knocked on my cell-door,my last brekki had arrived.
I thought by having some food it would calm my nerves,but that thought was all contrived.

In my last waking hours, I thought back on my life.
So many ups and downs, thrown in with the good the bad and strife.

Then with the sound of clanking keys and prison cell doors banging.
I knew it was time for me hanging.

The Catholic priest stepped inside to offer a prayer of contrition.
That I gave him my permission.

The summer long gone, an autumn dew lay on the ground.
As they walked me steadily without a sound.

There was nobody smiling just a solemn repose.
I guess that's the way it goes.

I finally reached the gallows ahead, where the hangman bowed his head.
My heart was racing with crimson blood, as I realised I'd soon be dead.

They asked if I had any last words to say.
I said sure, "I stand here an innocent man, shaken that my life is to be taken when someone else should pay".

A black hood was then placed over my face.
Ushered two steps forward into God's grace.

Beads of sweat now running down my spine and face.
I knew this was a bloody disgrace.

As the hangman drew near, it was all very clear.
My life would end without any clamour or cheer.

I felt tense waiting for the inevitable trap door to open.
Before I entered eternity not a word spoken.

I could hear the priest praying for my soul.
It wouldn't belong before I'm six-foot under in a hole.

The trap-door suddenly BROKE!
I hung and swung dangling in mid-air gasping for life's breath as I choke.

My feet bound and hands tied.
Couldn't break loose even though I tried.

Darkness surrounds me with no conscious sound.
Then they took my corpse and buried me in the ground.

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An interesting write Columb,

An interesting write Columb, one has to wonder at what inspired one to write such a one?