A day at the Croc fair

It was school holidays off I went to the fair.

Where rides went up and down and into the air.

Penny arcades and candy floss.

Pull down the handle for a win or a loss.

Pots and pans crockery galore.

Always filled me with awe.

A toffee apple was a real treat.

After licking my sticky fingers and finding a seat.

Spruikers all shouting "not fifty not thirty not even ten.

But if ya give me a fiver...I'll throw in Big Ben".

With a smile on my dial and a satisfied grin.

What was left of the toffee apple I threw in the bin.

Now it was time to go have some fun.

Going as fast as my legs could run.

With screams of delight fear and fright.

I felt I was flying like a kite.

Over I went to the swings that flew in the air.

Paid my ticket jumped on without a care.

The ferris wheel was next, going around and around.

Defying gravity the big wheel came close to the ground.

My tummy was rumbling as my feet hit the floor.

But I was happy and wanted more.

Sprinting to the rifle show to shoot a few wooden ducks.

All I won was a little stuffed teddy bear...that sucks!

Now to the penny arcades with one-arm bandits.

It was my lucky day, up rolled three oranges, and down came three pennies...thrilled me to bits.

Over I went to see strong men strike a blow.

With a deep breath and a jolly heave-ho!

Sleeves rolled up, hammer in the air..looking I stood.

With one mighty blow the hammer came crashing on the wooden stud.

Success!...with cheers from the crowd the bell was struck.

They gave him a coconut and wished him good luck.

I waited my turn to jump on the Dodgem cars, such a treat.

Everyone crazy driving like mad, not to collide took some feat.

My time was nearly up what could I do.

I thought to myself...I'll throw some bean bags which was great fun too.

My pocket money nearly all gone,with sixpence left to spend.

The big roller coaster looked inviting, with girls screaming around the bend.

Now strapped into my seat, everyone excited in breathless fright.

Faster and faster we did go...banking left then a quick right.

It started to rain, I thought what a pain.

Running for a shelter from the rain.

Had to walk home in the rain without a coat.

It didn't matter to me..cause I was fall of glee, even though now broke.

All in all I had a great day at the fair.

Can't wait for next year...I'll be there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was about me going to the Coventry Crockery fair in England  as a young lad in the 1950's

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bellesims's picture

A wonderful Memory

It sounded like a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing.

Be blessed! :o)

Belle Sims