A poet and he didn’t know it, his words funny, powerful and sharp.

A poet is he when he moves you to tears, stretches your imagination and strokes your heart like a harp.

A poet writes in many forms and styles.

A poet travelling on a journey for miles and miles.

A poet moves you with fear and joy.

A poet just playing with your mind like a toy.

A poet comes in a myriad of shapes and sizes.

A poet manicuring his pen to thrill you, tease you with surprises.

A poet can grip your mind and take you back in time.

A poet taking the stage as a sage writing sublime.

A poet’s flowing ink on paper he does think.

A poet’s stirring prose he writes with a wink.

A poet we admire with his flair and distinction.

A poet writing with acute syntax and diction.

A poet can ponder for days for a word, then in a flash! Be inspired by wizardry coming up with a plumb line word chord.

A poet’s story struck a note, writing in one accord.

A poet on presenting his work whether in diary or for publication, appreciates the acclamation.

A poet maybe boastful, humble or just true blue but always loves the praise and adulation.

A poet you maybe; making people happy, sad or intrigued with machinations.

A poet maybe ya not; for now that’s “ya lot” with me imaginations.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I never started writing poetry until I was 50 years old, sometimes our talents lay deep within us to be stirred up and discovered like buried treasure.

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Somehow, the last two lines

Somehow, the last two lines are not making sense, so could you please explicate them, as I seem to be badly misreading them.


[* /+/ ^]

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You have beautifully captured the essence of being a poet! I am going to share this on Facebook! A very well-written poem with great use of rhyme!

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