Tears that flow from a heart of joy make me feel like a little boy.

Tears of passion rolling down my cheeks, every droplet a pearl that speaks.

Tears forming in my eyes to shed, when I lay down my head in bed.

Tears of regret, things undone, a life that shifts with the mist of time sublime.

Tears of sober reflection, opportunities missed as the door closes once more to the poor.

Tears of Happiness and glee, makes me jump and leap up a tree!

Tears of Love, so rich and deep, making my feet glide and skate on a Crystal Lake in winters sleet.

Tears of remembrance of fallen comrades, lost in the sands of time and war, who you'll never see any more.

Tears of rejection that hurt so much, ripping your soul to shreds, leaving your mind weak and subdued in dreads.

Tears that come when you sing a song of hope, as a slave ploughing the southern fields of cotton, will never be forgotten.

Tears of the birth of a new baby born, the exuberance and profound joy that floods a mother's heart, no one can know the feeling so revealing.

Tears that come and go flowing in vertigo, embracing one's soul in the flight of fancy and thrill, up up and away we GO!

Tears too deep to shed, can only be felt from the cry of the soul as one ponders the thoughts and depths of the heart that bled.

Tears of coming home, from sailing the sea, or being on a long journey too far from thee.

Tears for the years you squandered, the mistakes you made and the people you hurt the most to the uttermost.

Tears of a lost love one, your last fair well, your last good byes that make you cry in tears so deep that you weep.

Tears of fortune and gain, like winning the lottery on a whim so vain.

Tears of a child that has stumbled and made lame, as mother caresses and heals the pain.

Tears of winning and scoring a goal, hoisted up to the victor's dais saturated in the chalice.

Tears of joy and praise to God, in worship and adoration arms reaching upwards in exclamation.

Tears of fear and fright, shaking with turmoil of impending doom, in a darkened room.

Tears of gladness having recovered what was lost but now it's found, it is just too profound.

Tears that come with a lonely heart, sitting and mulling over your life, self-pity and strife.

Tears at Christmas time, gifts given in thanks ~ a celebration to mark the gift from above, with gold, frankincense and Myrrh that causes a stir.

Tears that say ~ I love you ~ from one's heart and soul, a greeting too deep for words alone, delivered by the glistening tear drops rolling down to the ground; making no sound.

Tears that come on an anniversary of dearest love ones, the happy memories shared together, the fondness of a close friend cascade in coursing streams, eyes that glisten moist and wet, never to forget.

Tears that Jesus wept over Jerusalem, from the Father's heart to the Son, as his impending death for man's sin hung, on a cross to bear for men everywhere.

Tears of anguish and sorrow, the betrayal of a friend, the gut wrenching sobs from soul to sole.

Tears of suffering and pain that last into the lonely night, until the dawn of a new day, when once again the sun beams stream through your window with some restbite from the dark night.

Tears of composing a musical score, that enthrals  your audience to cry out encore! encore!

Tears of a broken heart, a failed marriage, a relationship gone awry saying your last good bye.

Tears of laughter with friends and family, belly laughing doubling over with streaming tears with a few beers, smiling tears.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We can all relate to tears that we have shed over the years ~ enjoy my poem.

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Susie James
There is a life time of tears in this poem.. some we have shed together.. you have expressed so many emotions with this one Columbo.. another gem from you,,, this line spoke to me greatly..

"Tears that come on an anniversary of dearest love ones, the happy memories shared together, the fondness of a close friend cascade in coursing streams, eyes that glisten moist and wet, never to forget."

May God grant you all you tears as precious diamonds in the crown of Life you will one day receive..

Susie 2006-06-29 06:43:19