American Airlines Flight 11

It was a regular Tuesday morning

I had no clue it would end in mourning

I was at Logan airport bound for Los Angeles

Not realizing soon I would be with God’s Angels

Along the East Coast the weather was beautiful with blue skies

Abundant sunshine and mild temperatures enveloped me before I heard the cries

With 92 crew members and passengers aboard

We took off from the eastern seaboard

But, within minutes of take off, something strange happened

We made a sharp left and bore down on Manhattan

People were screaming in front of me with shouting and terrifying shrieks that chilled by bones

A melee had broken out at the cockpit door, with loud moans and groans

Arab men shouting Al Qaeda intifada! Allahu Akhbar! Allahu Akhbar!

Now I could see one airhostess down, her throat slashed and bleeding

Many people were wailing now, and pleading

I was ridged in my seat, fear running through me thinking is this real or am I dreaming?

NO! It is real and now the plane’s engines are screaming!

Pandemonium had gripped the passengers of Flight 11 from Boston’s Logan airport

Fears on faces, anguished souls in disbelief, encroached with a vice like grip as the plane veered to port

Everyone was like a zombie picking up cell phones to call home

We were like the deer caught in the headlights, there was no escaping the deafening drone

A massive shudder ran through my entire body, peels of sweat now drenched me like a shower

I was trembling and shaking as the plane gathered speed toward the North Tower

These Arab men had no guns that I could make out

But crude weapons - brandishing razor blades and shouting “get out!”

All flight attendants were now dead

Everything ahead of me was splattered in red

Even the pilot now gripping his throat, could only cough, splutter and choke

I took a deep breath as the terror ordeal broke, my nerves were shot and I needed a smoke

All I could hear in foreign tongues was a frenzy of obscenities and curses towards America and President Bush

Everything was happening in such a rush

I glanced at my watch, it was 8:44, there seemed to be a knock on my life’s door

We were zooming through New York now; my instincts told me to hit the floor

We plunged into the North Tower dead on!

Now I knew my life was gone!

My hopes, my dreams all up in smoke

At 8:45 A.M. on 9/11 my life was taken at a stroke!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let us never forget the terrifying ordeal that these innocent victims went through on Flight 11 from Logan airport on 9/11

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Cody Beckius's picture

That literally sent chills up my spine, 3 1/2 years later. It made me cry. That is such a moving poem..

Sasha_J's picture

WOW. what a wonderful yet sad and frightening description of flight 11.....
very well written with expressions that surely make us feel the plight of those on that flight