Stars & Stripes

God has raised you up, for all men to see

From Georgia, L.A. and to the sea

You are lifted high on every tree, building and post

For a country set free in liberty and the Holy Ghost

The meaning of freedom, peace and liberty

They are the stars on the banner we see

We proudly drape you over our fallen heroes

So numerous we count them in zeros

Men have fought valiantly and died with you

Their courage and valour honoured true and true

Brave men and women gave up their lives, and shed their blood

Raising the Banner in battle they stood

On the White House you are flown with pride

Flying high, soaring like an Eagle bride

Americans patriotic to the core

From presidents, rich and poor

Fluttering in the breeze, proud and loud

Where ever you’re honoured always draws a crowd

From the Plains to the mountains through valleys deep

The Star Spangled Banner, flies high as we sleep

Every State represented by a star

For every eye to see from afar

Astronauts took you with them to the Moon

For the World to gasp!  and swoon

Stars & Stripes our symbol of freedom, power, hope and unity

For a better World and our community

We proudly stand and salute you

For Justice, freedom and liberty too

Flag of honour flag of glory

What an honour to tell your story

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How I admire the American people's respect and patriotism to country and flag

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Thank you, Columbo.
Avec mon coeur.

Belle Sims