Peace in your Heart

May today there be peace within you.

The peace that passes all understanding.

May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Be still and know that God hasn't forgotten you.

May you trust God that He will lead you where you are meant to be.

Let not your mind be troubled, be still.

May you go on to fulfill your destiny and achieve more then you can


Be confidant that truth will guide you.

May your life be enriched by God in so being a sweet fragrance to him.

Let the blessings of God overflow in your life!

"I believe that friends are sent by God to encourage and lift us to our feet.

"One word can be like the wind, that blows on your sails taking you out of

the dol' drums; so when your life is full of gusto in return will refresh

and enhance your friends also, when they are becalmed, listless and dry."

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" be still and know that i am there"...yes i relate to this are one special man ...and we have yet to see just how this very much...laine