The ship of dreams on her maiden voyage

For passengers and crew it was bonvoyage

Setting off from Southampton to New York

Stopping off in Ireland somewhere near Cork

There was nearly a collision

As captain Smith, made a wrong decision

Starboard to Port, then full steam ahead

Out into the cold Atlantic to the ice-fields, was many a sailors dread

Everyone was comfy, tucked up in bed

Warnings of icebergs on the horizon instead

The sea was calm that night, not even the Moon shone it’s light

Only the stars in the night sky, shinning bright

Up looming from the icy waters, came that gigantic iceberg to meet the unsinkable!

To those who were perishing it was unthinkable!

No time to turn or even go astern, panic set in.  Bells rang out! With shouting and terror, the crew raced around.

Ripping, tearing screeching crashing, only grief and fear abound.

Only the orchestra now, playing a hymn “nearer my God to thee”

The women and children all out at sea

Only men now grappling, scrambling and crawling their way up the sloping deck.

Some gave up and resigned them selves to their fate, others grasping and knew it was too late!

At 2:20 A.M. Titanic’s stern facing to the night sky.

Many knew in their heart, it was a time to die.

Weeping, wailing and crying out loud!

The mighty ship did not stand proud

Mighty explosions, crashing and screaming, could be heard in the ships hull

As the great ship went down, there was a deathly lull

The ship of dreams no longer afloat, flotsam and jetsam now all remained

It all ended in tragedy nothing was gained

Books have been sold, movies made, poems written

The story of the Titanic has us all smitten!!


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You are right, Columbo...it does have all of us smitten. The loss of so much promise, of so many lives...we're drawn to the romance of it... It is a wonderful poem. Thank you for sharing... Belle @}->->---

Belle Sims