Many are called but, few are chosen

For the Lord in His wisdom He has spoken

Many desire and wish that they could be

Standing in the Pulpit for everyone to see

Some think it’s glamorous, being in the lime light

They’ll never really know, cause you have to stand upright

The preacher’s life is open for all to see

Just one slip and he’s history

Many it seems are like round pegs in square holes!

Whether round or square, they’re there to save souls!

They may not be the silver tongued speaker

Delivering a message straight from the your souls keeper

There is a lot of froth, bubble and squeak

As we sit there and listen to him speak

Without the anointing and ability to proclaim

It’ll all sound so pithy and inane

So many stories the preacher tells

Captivating, enthralling as he draws from his wells

Living water to quench your soul

For the thirsty and not so whole

Preachers come in all shapes and forms

Flamboyant, ostentatious, and just plain ole norm

How will they hear without a preacher?

Itching ears waiting for a teacher

The preacher has to be counselor, advocate and sometimes mother too

Who does he turn to when tempted,under pressure,and blue

He’s required to Baptize, marry and do a funeral or two

All things to all people,including you!

Many a preacher falls into sin,a second chance is very slim.  ‘You’, can be forgiven for all the things, ‘You’ do!

Not the preacher though, his futures grim, forgiving comes easy - but, forgetting, is so hard to do!

If it was up to the Lord, He would pay him a lot

But the old congregation, just plain ole forgot

Many a sermon goes over your head!

You only realize it, when your DEAD!!

There’s Billy, Jimmy and good ole John

God bless em all, for now there’re all gone

Don’t touch the Lord’s anointed

Many have dared to, and have been disappointed

Fire ‘n’ Brim stone some do preach, judgment, wrath, famine and plague

Oh, Lord - forgive me I prayed

The preacher’s finger pointing at you and me!

Forgetting where the other three, point at thee!

The congregation can only take so much drilling

That’s when you know it doesn’t sound thrilling

If after twenty minutes the preacher hasn’t struck oil?!


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missmfa's picture


A good poem that hits home. The ending is rather weak but the rest of the poem speaks of many important things. I believe that every Christian who professes to be a follower of Christ is a preacher. After all, our Lord and Saviour commanded us to go out into all the world and preach the good news to everyone. The Great Commission is not reserved only for the preachers who stand behind a pulpit. Every Christian is a preacher and their sphere of influence - whether at work, at home, their hobbies, even their poetry - is a pulpit! Thank you for this poem :-)

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J :)'s picture

How lucky I am
To have my *own* preacher man
A Christian I wanted
But God said "I have not forgotten"
Your prayers have been answered
I am sending you a hard hitting man of action
*Thank you* to the preacher man.

Sasha_J's picture

A good poem Columbo...... well written and from experiences you know well I can see...... follow the dream and make it happen....... Sasha_J