Every now and then you get a win

The feeling you get, gives you a spin

The rush of adrenaline

Courses through your abdomen

The cheers and shouts and jumping too

All this excitement makes you feel like running to the loo

Most remember who are the winners

You can’t really miss them, cause there’re all grinners

Winning BIG or winning small

Who cares!  You got the call

Winners are great to be around

Your whole mood changes, it’s very profound

The feeling of winning is contagious

You sometimes act outrageous

You feel invincible, confident and brash

What can you expect when you win a heap of cash

To be a winner you must come back from a loss

Perseverance, determination will restore the gloss

Many try but fail, then feel like they are in a jail

Winners conquer, when others rant and rail

With success comes emotional high and deep satisfaction

Always motivates again, for the same reaction

Can one win all the time?  Indeed NO!

I’ll tell you though, they’ll give it a GO!

Winners break through where others fail

It makes you feel like your the head not the tail!

It’s an attitude, a driving force inside

The desire to succeed will always override

No matter what area of endeavour

The feeling of success will last forever

To sum it all up, it’s like winning the cup!

You never never know, if ya don’t give it a go!

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