Many go to the Casino

But are not satisfied with only playing Keno

The spectacle and glamour

Has captured those that clamour

Every movement and attraction

Has been captured on the camera’s action

Many are attracted by the Big WIN!

Only to find it was just a whim

People come from far and near

Some drinking Champaign, while others just a beer

There is no rhyme or reason

Why their luck is not in season

The bouncing dice,rolling balls and spinning wheels

Eyes dancing in their sockets, fingers twitching in their pockets

Many end up broke and pathetic

But for others their numbers are prophetic

The lure of easy money, the glitter and lights

Has left many bewildered, blighted and tight

The money is pushed down that slot

Many wonder and gaze at that lot

Some strike it Big, with a scream and have shouted!

But most are losers feeling down and grouted

Money makes money, this is true

But going to the casino can make you feel blue!

Author  Columb

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Lola Margot's picture

I play tong-its if you don't know that I'll tech you. This is a good reminder. In gambling there is only 1% chance of winning the rest for losing. Keep writing.

incovrs's picture

So true. Thats why I don't gamble. What am I talking about I have no money to gamble. Thx

choirgrrl's picture

I work in a casino, and this poem really hits home. I see people everyday putting their entire paychecks into machines or down at the tables. It is sad. People will leave young children in the hotel rooms (and we have even found a few just sitting in locked cars late at night) while they play for hours. Old people will go the bathroom all over themselves and just keep on playing. (this is all true) Your poem was very well written and very true to the lifestyle, I think later I will have to go check out some more of your work! Keep writing, you seem to have a real flair for it.

serene's picture

I've never been to the casino so I can't relate, lol. Of course, I know what it's like though :). The last two lines were appropriately described. Brilliant... Woe to the losers! lol.