How sweet her words drip with honey as she weaves her crimson lips to entice.

Her subtle smile and wondering eyes, grip him like a vice.


Smothered and pampered in her enchanting words

The stage is set like a trap; unseen like the call of the birds


First the eye, then the smile, a soft word to beguile.

The road is easy the path at ease, she flickers her eye lashes with a tease.


Seduction brings its lust to the brim, never thought it would happen to him!

A touch of the hand, an arm over the shoulder, makes him smoulder.


There is pleasure in the sweet taste of honey, that flows from her lips at night.

Her painted nails, shiny and bright, dance  to the music of his delight.


Infidelity has opened its paws; she takes no time to pause.

Many a man has walked this plank, as she walks by him with a swank


Her soft skin, pampered and toned, a rush of blood as she moaned.

Without a thought he hurries to go, to soak his flesh in her crimson flow.


One glimpse of pleasure will last forever, its savour bitter sweet.

Her flesh devours him like a river of boiling larva, as he takes his treat.


The repercussion too deep  to fathom, only in the morning will she see her chasm.

The elixir of lust will take its toll, as she went down the valley for a stroll.


Her husband grieves like a  jealous savage, as he finds his wife, stricken, bitten, and ravaged.

Her sorrow, guilt and demise, encapsulate her many lies.


What started out as sweet, has turned into a bitter treat.

She has lost her all after her fall, so this is payday, I’m sad to say.


Many a marriage has been broken by lust, destroyed the bond of trust.

Keep your heart with all vigilance; for from it flow the spring of diligence.


Take heed to the path of your feet, then all your ways will be sweet.

Do not turn to the left or right; but cleave to your husband and you’ll be all right


For the lips of a loose woman drip with honeydew, and her speech‘ is sticky like glue.

What tastes sweet in the mouth, turns sour in an hour.


She does not take heed, but sowed her seed, it was just plain greed.

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised with great gain.

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Susie James's picture

"Many a marriage has been broken by lust, destroyed the bond of trust"

Such sad lines in a sad poem.. lust WITHIN marriage can destroy as much as lust outside of it, and infidelity of the heart is as painful as infidelity of the body...

You write with great emotion and are a truly gifted writer