A Lingering Wish

All and nothing


To regale a tale of young love missed,

Leashed up leanings, lastly, unsews,

To show regret follows those unkissed,


Fated surprise came, with a twist,

Emptied hands, devoid of pose,

Tells the fail of young love missed,


Fallen eyes, to chest, in wist,

On leaden lips, a pursed ripple rows,

Now regret follows those unkissed,


A roving gaze for a cravings tryst,

A lingering wish, glanced, yet knows,

The welling vale that young love missed,


Lost, as lost as in a mist,

Chaste desires resided in repose,

How regret follows those unkissed,


Infernally speared in daydreams blissed,

Sorrow; a hollow net of woes,

So tells a tale of young love missed,

Now regret bellows for those not kissed.


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