Somehow this decision

Has infliced none on me

Somehow my thoughts

Have inflicted all on me

Did I do this right?

Is there even a right?

In this endless game?

In this game of life?

In this game of struggle?

In this game of human pain?


All of the decisions made

Made in the sunlight or the rain

Have inflicted nothing

Just nothing

In this pointless endless game

I am in pain

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Wait Till Arthritis Sets In

All the decisions are not made yet if one is still breathing. Decide to be happy and let the chips fall eveyrwhere! Infliced - a great new word (a typo I think) but infliced sounds like a word that has greatness in it's bowels. 




And I write it down fast

and invent new meaning

new depths. I am a



I pen with alacrity

and meanings fly from

the furnace of my crystalline



To be infliced

by the keepers of words,

all words everwhere

across all time,

I am a poet.